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The book’s large format photographs will be interspersed with words transcribed verbatim from on the street conversations with anonymous protagonists.

My other daughter is still livin’ with me, getting me grey faster she is. Oh, she’s a good girl but she’s got this new boyfriend. I dunno, he seems nice enough. It’s hard to say without going too far into it. She’s spending all her money on him. Like she drives him everywhere, feeds him all the time, she’s buying everything and he’s not putting his hands in his pockets. It’s hard to explain, there’s a little bit more to the story.

I’m just not sure about this guy. I used to be engaged to a guy like that. I used to say he’d rob his own grandmother’s grave, didn’t marry him because he cheated on me all the time. I’ve often told my daughter about things to watch out for but she’s besotted with him. As I said there’s more to the story.

This mornin’ we had the dramas at home. You don’t want her to get hurt. Like I said, she’s a good kid and studies hard. She goes to uni. That’s another thing about him, I know you shouldn’t judge but he’s got no goals in life. He’s twenty one, no direction. You want more for your daughter.
— Woolworths checkout operator