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The emotional impact of a photograph can be determined by a gesture as fleeting as a glance, a drop of a shoulder, or by the way a hand is held on a hip. We know through our own snapshots how the difference between a 'successful' picture and a 'failure' can rely upon a reflex as natural as the blink of an eye.

So, I watch and wait for a subtle and child-like instant where my subject forgets, momentarily, that they are in the world. That internal drift, where one ceases to be aware of their own physicality and transcends their body to be completely unburdened by gravity. Gravity of the Earth and also gravity of oneself, of ones consciousness.

You can see why it's a difficult dance when I am simultaneously reliant on physics, mathematics and chemistry to realise a picture with honesty and sensitivity.

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Woman by railing; Eastern Beach, Geelong, Victoria; 2012

Woman by railing; Eastern Beach, Geelong, Victoria; 2012 {detail}

Girl lit by sun reflection from glass building across the street; Melbourne, Victoria; 2014