Leviathan with an irritable bowel*

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* description of Western Australia from 'Eyrie' by Tim Winton

The Stockade; Perth, Western Australia; 2014

Having landed in Perth en route elsewhere on a dozen prior occasions I knew little of the city itself except for the fact that each visit seemed to reveal a newly built highway out of there. This trip would facilitate no such escape. M & I (with baby Freya in tow) rented a small apartment on the main drag inland from Scarborough Beach and posted up for a week of public transport and people watching. The two go perfectly together actually, being on foot an essential requisite for the street photographer.

I rose at the crack of 8 the Sunday morning these pictures were taken, drank two cups of black coffee and hopped the #990 bus into the city. I was the only passenger on this service, and was to discover this was no anomaly. Perth's efficient public transport network seemed thoroughly under-utilised. 

To be continued...

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Redheads; Perth, Western Australia; 2014

Redheads; Perth, Western Australia; 2014 {detail}